Suspension & Steering

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ABS service suspension and Steering Systems. While we access known brands like MONROE we also access world brands like GABRIEL (One of the largest Manufactures in the World)



Suspension Tips - Stop and notice:

  • Sagging Springs
  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Leaking Shocks
  • Noise
  • Worn Mounts and Rubbers


New Shocks can provide:

  • Shorter Stopping Distance – this difference between being safe and disaster
  • Better Ride for comfort and like new feel
  • Less Vibration for steering comfort
  • Less Body Roll for greater confidence and control
  • Improved Steering Response for better handling and safety
  • Prolonged tyre life that saves you money
  • Better support for safety under load


ABS can diagnose and service or replace your shockers, steering and suspension components. From Ball Joints to Tie Rod ends to strut mountings, ABS can get your car back on the road feeling like new.

Please also check out our suspension/steering diagnosis information in the safety section by clicking here.