Which is more important – your car’s engine or your suspension? You’ll never guess the answer…

Date: 22-06-2017

If you had to pick out which system or component of your car is the most important, would it be the suspension or the engine? Many people will immediately say that the most important part of a car is its engine. After all, when you need to troubleshoot any automotive problems you often start by examining the engine first.

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Did You Know That Harsh Braking Can Damage More Than Your Brakes? 

Date: 15-06-2017

When Is The Last Time You Slammed On The Brakes In Your Car?

If you have to be completely honest, it was probably not long ago. Although we’d all like to pretend that we’re attentive and patient drivers at all hours of the day, everyone has their moments.

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Planning A Caravan Trip Soon? Don’t Forget To Get Your Caravan Serviced Before You Go!

Date: 08-06-2017

Travelling with a caravan on a break is unlike any other holiday experience. It’s taking your home with you and getting to stay in familiar surroundings, no matter where about in Australia you’re travelling to. It allows you to pick up and take off without worrying about checking in and out of hotels and packing and repacking luggage.

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Why ABS Braking Systems Are An Integral Part Of Vehicle Safety

Date: 28-03-2017

Anti-lock braking systems are specially designed to help provide better control of a vehicle during adverse driving conditions and avoid the dangers of panic braking. One research study conducted by Australia’s Monash University found that vehicles equipped with ABS systems are 35% less likely to be a part of a collision or accident than a vehicle without anti-lock brakes.

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4 Common Warning Signs That Your Anti-Lock Brakes Need Professional Help

Date: 21-03-2017

Like all components of a vehicle, anti-lock brakes will need to be attended to by a professional and experienced mechanic. Modern cars are equipped to display warning signs alerting the driver of a dysfunctional braking system. These signs usually take the form of lit warning lights on the dashboard.

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Get The Best Out Of Your Anti-Lock Brakes With These 4 Do’s And Don’ts

Date: 14-03-2017

Having advanced safety systems on modern day cars often leads Australian drivers into a false sense of security. We’re told all about what the latest technology can do for our safety, but seldom is the message driven home that the onus is still on the driver to practice safe driving habits.

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2017 Road Safety Plan For Victoria Intended To Save Lives

Date: 05-03-2017

On the back of yet another unacceptably high annual road fatality toll, an increase in statistics for the third year in a row for Victoria, the Andrews government has declared 2017 to be the year of action by implementing the ‘Towards Zero Action Plan’.

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Punctured Your Tyre? Do These Three Quick Checks Before You Do Anything Else!

Date: 03-01-2017

Tyres are the unsung heroes of our cars and we often neglect them until they stop working or start giving us problems.
Because they’re strong, hardy and can take plenty of abuse before giving in, it’s easy to miss when something is wrong with your tyres.

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What Car Manufacturers And Dealers Won’t Tell You About Your New Car Warranty And How This Knowledge Can Save You Money

Date: 27-12-2016

A new car warranty is complex and filled with clauses and exclusions and it can often feel like one wrong move could void the remaining warranty on your vehicle forever. The simplest way to maintain your car’s warranty is to honour your car’s manufacturing expectations but to read the fine print. Just remember that thereare many details that dealers keep from customers that could save you a lifetime of unnecessary expenses.

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If you only read one article about electronic Parking Brakes, make it this one!

Date: 20-12-2016

Electronic parking brakes are a common sight in cars these days and drivers enjoy the convenience of being able to stop and release the carat the touch of a button. But behind this deceptively simple mechanism is an intricate system of electronic cables and wires that shouldn’t be meddled with.

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